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10 Signs You Love Dogs More Than Hoomans

Sometimes, when the world is in chaos and you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic… the last face you want to see is another human being.

Especially if you had a terrible day at work because someone let their lunch rot in the fridge… there were no Diet Cokes in the vending machine… and your boss’ breath was particularly stankier than usual.

The only face you want to see is covered in fur, loves to lick, and also has stanky breath, but we don’t mind…

No, we’re not talking about your hair faced boyfriend (buh dum chhh).

We’re talking of course about your doggo!

Here are the 10 signs you love you dogs more than people:

10. You feel super guilty if you get upset with your dog than if you got upset with another person.

“iz ok… i still luvz you”


9. You have thought about trying your dog’s food… just to see what it tastes like.

It’s ok. You’re not alone. Don’t do it though… it’s not worth it.


8. You look forward to seeing your doggo more than your significant other…

This may hurt a little bit, but the truth is, NO ONE can compete with the excitement of a dog when you come home.

“I missed u so much… and I pooped in the kitchen… it was accident”


7. You let your dog lick your face… but ask your significant other to brush his/her teeth before kissing you.

“I haz no germs… see.”


6. You prefer to stay home and watch Netflix with your doggo than going out with friends.

“I choose movie dis time.”


5. You don’t like sleeping next to someone… but don’t mind if your dog sleeps with you.

“When u come to bed?”


4. When you cry more about the loss of a dog in a movie more than the death of a person.

3. When you use your dog as an excuse to leave party early.

“iz ok… Becky smells like poop anyway.”


2. You kiss your pupper more than you kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend.

“I iz lady’s doggo.”


1. And finally, when it comes to the days when you feel like you can’t go on… it’s all “too much”… and you wish you could stay in bed… no one is there to comfort you more, than your sweet good boy/girl.

“Come here. I take away pain.”

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