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David & Goliath: How This 4 lb Chihuahua Saved A Toddler From A Brutal Attack By A Pitbull

Warning: now before this gets off on the wrong paw, yes, we all agree we love pitbulls, and we know there’s a bad stereotype of the gorgeous beast.

We know environment has a lot to do with how our lovely puppers behave in public, at home, and around new people.

Now that that’s outta the way, let’s talk about the baddest little fella of them all, this little chihuahua… who saved the day and deserves a statue made in his honor.

However, on first investigation, you would never know the dog you should “beware of” would be a small, 4 lb doggo with the bravery of a bear…

The name of this valiant warrior?


It all happened one normal day in British, Columbia… an 8-year-old girl was aggressively approached by a stray pitbull out of nowhere and started attacking her…

The little chihuahua, Honey, heard the screams and came running outside and did not hesitate one second. She immediately started fighting off the pitbull with all of its energy.

*listens to battle cries to calm nerves*.

What seemed like forever, Honey managed to get the pit bull away from the little girl, who lied on the ground, crying and bleeding from her face.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital where she received multiple stitches and had to have reconstructive surgery.

“It could have been a lot worse,” the reporter says, “if it wasn’t for little Honey.”

Watch the whole stunning video down below and share this courageous post with your fellow chihuahua lovers!

Written by sozof


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