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Homeless Chihuahua Is Rescued And The Transformation Is Night And Day

Reason number 837476582 why you should rescue…

You are saving the life of a little puppers that needs love, kindness, and the warmth of a forever home.

Hope for Paws is an animal rescue group and they received a call about a homeless chihuahua running the streets in a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The rescue team approached her carefully but with urgency… tried not to scare her but also didn’t want her getting away.

It’s a balancing act of showing love while also not looking aggressive… move too quickly and make the wrong move, and the dog can “high-tail” outta there…

But the team lucked out…

They were able to safely corner it in a side yard of someone’s home.

Poor thing defecated and urinated out of fear as the rescuers tried to get a hold of her…

They eventually were able to pull her out and calm her down.

As they went to pet her, it was obvious Blossom had never been pet before… as she continued to bark but didn’t fight the loving feeling of being pet on her head.

Blossom was severely malnourished, her bones bulging out… and she was covered in fleas.

The rescuers took her in and that’s when a shocking transformation happened right before their eyes that’s so heartwarming and beautiful, it’ll choke you up.

To see Blossom’s full transformation from homeless dog to a happy, wagging puppers, go ahead and watch the whole video below now!

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