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Introducing Mr. Bubz: The Grumpiest Most Adorable Dog In America

Many of us have a fuzzy family member that no matter how much love we give it, they seem to never be happy.

No one is angrier (freaking adorable) than Mr. Bubz (instagram) who sounds like a wolverine and looks like Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein.

Mr. Bubz recently went viral after the following Instagram video was posted:

Then his stardom grew…

Pretty soon the entire Internet jumped on board and produced the following versions…

Mr. Bubz Wham:

Distorted Mr. Bubz:

Mr. Bubz Toto’s Africa:

Mr. Bubz NFL Theme:

Then Mr. Bubz got to meet the man himself, Mr. Ozzy Osbourne:

Who’s a “Mr. Bubz” in your family? Tag someone that needs a cheering up today in the comments below.



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