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This Viral Tweet Shows Exactly Why We Don’t Deserve Dogs

We know our dogs are loyal hounds, courageous beasts, kind cuddlers, and loving puppers.

But did you know that dogs are also fully against any form of teasing… especially with food?

Original post from @AkkJ_ on Twitter showing what many of us have possibly done before…

Teasing our beautiful creatures with food.

We’re never being mean of course… we are simply playing around.

Well this playing around comes to an end pretty abruptly when this doggo’s best pal steps in…

The music is also perfectly timed in the video, like a dramatic build up, with a Kung Fu-like “ping” when the scene hits its climax… (seen above).

But what happens next is the biggest surprise… and goes to show exactly why we don’t deserve these beautiful beings… …because they are simply too good for us hoomans with our selfishness and greedy ways.

To see the big reveal, go ahead and watch the short clip down below.

And be sure to give @AkkJ_ on Twitter some love for this wonderful post.

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