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Unwanted Senior Chihuahua Gets Adopted And Given A Birthday Fit For A Chihuahua King!

When adopting, many people look for the young puppies, the adorable, springy type of dog that are perfect for the whole family.

Unfortunately, senior dogs tend to go overlooked because families feel they won’t have enough time with them… or their health will cost more money in medical bills.

Plus there’s the whole “passing away” part that no dog owner wants to go through, but we know that’s the way of life.

Enter the most adorable, spritely senior chihuahua named Mr. Crowley.

Mr. Crowley was abandoned, found in a box… all alone and scared.

On the surface, there were sooooooo many issues with Mr. Crowley.

He had a knee issue that makes him hold up his back leg.

His teeth were rotten… so he only had a few left (like an old grandpa).

But one look, and Mr. Crowley’s now owners fell in love and thought… “that’s the dog for us.”

And Mr. Crowley couldn’t be more thrilled.

From abandonment… to going ignored in a pound for months and months… to finally living in a comfy home with a loving mom and dad.

Mr. Crowley’s hoomans thought they’d treat Mr. Crowley to something that he’s most likely never experienced before…

They figure Mr. Crowley doesn’t have many years left, so wanted to give him the best thing there is in a doggo’s life…

A birthday!

And they went FULL Birthday, with Batman costume and everything!

Watch Mr. Crowley’s birthday bash (including a delicious cake) in the video below!

Written by sozof


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