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Why’s Everyone Talking About Barkbox?

My dog, Teddy is a refined Chihuahua, but feels the need to destroy every toy I get for him. Same routine: I bring home a toy, he’s elated, he shakes it around, tears it up, and the stuffing is all over the floor within a few hours. While I’m on cleanup duty, he heads to his bed to cuddle with the toy’s remains. And that’s playtime for us. 

I asked another Chihuahua owner how she deals with all the chewing and high energy of the breed, and she told me she gets all her toys and treats from BarkBox, which keeps her chihuahua, Roxie occupied for weeks to come. BarkBox sends you a themed monthly package that’s filled with all-natural, wholesome treats and well-made toys you can’t find anywhere else.

When I expressed my concerns about the durability of the toys, Roxie’s owner told me about BarkBox’s stellar customer service. Their “Happy Team” guarantees satisfaction or a free replacement product through their Scout’s Honor program.

I soon discovered how great the service really was. Our first BarkBox was themed “Bark to School,” which included lunch shaped plush toys inside a Velcro sealed embroidered lunch bag, all natural ham and cheese sandwich snacks, jerky chew sticks, and more natural snacks and toys—all wrapped in adorable doggie yearbook photos!

In the midst of our excitement, Teddy went straight for the “My Dog Ate My Homework” toy, a squeak toy that looked like an essay with dog bites on the edges. Squeaking tends to provoke him, so he destroyed it within the hour.

Sure, I was well acquainted with the routine, and it was still a nice change from him dragging my laundry all over the floor for sport. Either way, I decided to give the Happy Team a call to see what they could do for us. They said they had a box specifically designed to for dogs like Teddy, and they were happy to replace my toys and change my next order to a Super Chewer’s Box.

Now these toys lasted longer than any toys Teddy had faced before. (In fact, they’re still in tact!) And more importantly, Teddy seems overjoyed every time he plays with the new toys – especially his favorite, Pixel the Penguin, which is one sturdy bird, with its tennis ball head and tough rope body. The team at BarkBox just gets us. They really know their dogs, and they customize each box to your dog’s size to ensure he/she will love each item.

Now that Teddy’s caught on, he can recognize his BarkBox waiting on the step even before we even bring it inside. I say, “Teddy, it’s BarkBox time!” and he starts barking and wiggling. We always have a priceless bonding experience over it, plus the adorable themes keep us on our toes each. Considering the quality of the toys, the natural treats he loves, and the customization and friendliness of the service, we’re giving BarkBox 2 thumbs (and 2 paws) up. You can check out their site for more details.

Update: The folks at BarkBox are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to BarkBox to get your first box for only $5 (Originally $25)!

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