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Would You Give Your Dog Away In Exchange For $100,000?

No. Seriously. Think loooooooong and hard on that question.

Ignore the fact that maybe your dog just lifted his leg on the side of the couch… or how he recently chewed up your VHS copy of Kevin’s Costner’s ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves’…

And really think about…

Well, this one man wanted to see what people would say, and he was serious, too.

He even had a briefcase filled of cash to prove it…

Their answers may shock you…

Before we get to what happened…

Consider how much you paid for your dog.

You see, with a $100,000 you could probably get a ton more doggos, right?

Plus a nice car and maybe pay off some debts.

Think about that.

Paying off student debts does sound nice, right??

What if you could pay off your student debt, in exchange of giving up your doggo?

Well… would you do it?

Our immediate answer is “of course not, I love my dog sooooooooo much.”

You know what else America loves?

Cold hard cash.

With more and more people struggling to make ends meet… such as paying for groceries, make rent, or pay for diapers… $100,000 can go a looooong way.

OK but how about the lady in the above picture.

She has TWO dogs.

So what if you could get rid of one and keep the other?

Would you trade it for cash?

Anyway, enough holding back. To get the full scoop on what these Chicago residents have to say to the strange man with a briefcase full of cash…

…go ahead and watch the full video (the video may surprise you).

Watch it now! And be sure to share this post with family and friends who love their doggos more than all the money in the world.

(Psst… watch the powerful moment at the 3:17 mark… it defines what our dogs mean to all of us.)

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